Danny Boyle’s 15 Golden Rules of Filmmaking (Via MovieMaker Magazine)

I was recently linked to this article in MovieMaker (via the No Film School guys) about Danny Boyle’s 15 Golden Rules of Filmmaking. I’ve never been his biggest fan – Slumdog was alright, Trainspotting was terrific, don’t get me started on Sunshine – but his constant adherence to his own style and his own methods are something I can respect in a filmmaker.

This article contains some of his hard and fast rules of the trade, but one particular maxim that caught my eye was the idea of film happening “in the moment”…

What’s extraordinary about film is that you make it on the day, and then it’s like that forever more. On that day, the actor may have broken up with his wife the night before, so he’s inevitably going to read a scene differently. He’s going to be a different person.
I come from theater, which is live and changes every night. I thought film was going to be the opposite of that, but it’s not. It changes every time you watch it: Different audiences, different places, different moods that you’re in. The thing is logically fixed, but it still changes all the time. You have to get your head around that.

Any budding directors out there want to share their own rules for making movies? Leave them in the comments!