RE: Julie Bindel on “Fun Feminism” in the New Statesman

I read the New Statesman. There, I said it. I’ve outed myself as a dirty liberal. With that said, I don’t always agree with every sentiment presented in the paper, as is my prerogative, but more often than not I can find something of value in every article if I put my mind to it. Having said that, I’ve long since accepted that anything written by Laurie Penny should be taken as gospel, which I suppose says a lot about my personal politics (i.e. consider the words of anyone approved of by Warren Ellis as being nothing but sheer literary gold). But I found something recently that actually made my blood boil a little bit. Continue reading

Objectivity, we hardly knew ye…

I read a great blog on the New Statesman website a few moments ago by the tremendous Laurie Penny, and I felt I had to share a few thoughts. Please keep in mind that these thoughts don’t really have very much to do with the subject of the article, but more about the idea of journalistic objectivity. This is an idea which has been bugging me for months now, brought on by the oncoming storm that is my honours dissertation. Continue reading