Oh, you’re such a tease!

So, first the Foo Fighters come out with the 30 second teaser for their forthcoming album, and we’re all plenty tickled.

Now, I gather Panic At The Disco have done the same for their new release, Vices and Virtues (Out Monday).

Will 2011 be the year of the teaser? I wonder…


A Couple of Drinking Songs – How it happened…

Over the last few months, I have produced a collection of songs based loosely on the surreal events occurring on a night out in Glasgow. The collection, entitled “A Couple of Drinking Songs”, was written by me over the course of 3 weeks, then recorded and produced between the studios at University Campus Ayr and my own home studio in Glasgow. The tracks produced as part of this project would act as demos for a full length album to be released later in the year. What follows is a critical account of the writing and production process, from the initial stimulus to the finished product. Continue reading