No Surprises – Radiohead A Cappella Cover

Everyone’s covered this song recently, so I figured I’d add my own little twist to it.

The band on my shirt is Medusa’s Curse, you should probably go check them out cause I occasionally play bass for them.

NaNoWriMo Tips and Tricks

Apologies to those who’ve come here looking for my word count planning device. Upon beginning the export of this week’s video, I realised that some of my formulas aren’t exactly conducive to the spreadsheet being easily altered for other people’s needs. Promise I’ll have a tinker with it and get it to you toot sweet!

Till then, enjoy the video!

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Adele, Paul McCartney and Kickstarter – Pure Tunes

In which our hero is still here… for now…

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If I Had A Time Machine (That Would Be Fresh)

So, apparently a ton of people on Youtube started making videos about what they would do if they had a time machine. As usual, I like jumping AND bandwagons, so I put the two together and made this video.

Something I found immediately difficult, though, was the fact that, despite the fact you have all of time and space as a playground, there’s not very much you can really do with a time machine other than travel to different times and places. For such a powerful sci-fi plot device, they’re actually quite boring. Besides, one wrong turn and you can end up creating a world-ending paradox. Best just to stay in your own time. Much safer, no?

Next week’s video is a Q&A, in which I’ll be answering questions from Formspring, Facebook and Youtube. If you have any questions for me (and they don’t all need to be about me, just questions you want me to try to answer), then leave them in any of the many places posted below.



Or in the comments below, or as a comment or video response to today’s video.

On that note, what would you guys do with a time machine?

P.S. If you’re wondering where the title of the vlog came from, it’s a reference to an MC Lars song. Check it out!

Apparently I haven’t blogged since May…

I find this hard to believe. I must have written several thousand words since May. Songs, essays, copy for websites, Facebook status updates, twitter posts, text messages, emails and many a joke about velociraptors, yes. But no blogs? Odd that…


I assure you, this issue shall be rectified soon. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. We will now be resuming normal service…

Quit Facebook? Really?

Let’s face it: user privacy on facebook doesn’t really exist past a point. We get that now. We’ve all become accustomed to the fact our data is being extrapolated by advertisers so that they can better target their products online. We know that your mum, if she’s a friend on the site, will know how many of those “I ❤ Boobs” pages you’re a fan of (or “like” as it has become now). And we all knew that, at some point, we’d be left with a choice: deal with it, or go elsewhere.

Some have gone as far as to make this position official. This article details the plot: a mass exodus of Facebook, scheduled for May 31st. The movement’s gathering momentum, but as of writing, only about 1200 people have committed to the plan (according to, the operation’s homepage).

Question of the day: let’s say, for arguement’s sake, that we all up and leave facebook. What then? Where do the huddling masses wander off to then? Myspace has proved to be a bit of a joke. Bebo is constantly rumoured to be going out of business. Where else is there? Are we just to wander around the proverbial desert for 40 years, searching for the social networking equivalent of the land of milk and honey?

(And what if some of those users are vegan? This analogy has gotten a little out of hand…)

Sure, there’s the hopes that a new, open alternative to facebook is coming soon. I look forward to it, I really do. But will it be any good?

Not to piss on your parade, guys, but I think I’ll stick around and see where kids head off to next. Social networkers vote with their feet. If they don’t like what you’re pushing, they’ll move on. We saw this with the original shift from Myspace to Facebook back in it’s heyday. Surely, when the next big thing hits, we’ll all take notice.

Until then, I’ll be here avoiding people playing Farmville…