The Dark Knight’s Legal Status Rises… (Via Law And The Multiverse)

I love The Dark Knight Rises.

I thought it was a great flick. Brilliantly cast, stunningly shot, with a twist that even I didn’t see coming.

But in a true example of “refrigerator logic,” Something about the end didn’t sit right with me.

Warning: Spoilers beyond the cut. Continue reading

Back to The Future (Kinda): My Return to Mass Effect – Part 1

So, with the third instalment in Bioware’s epic space trilogy looming over my head, I felt now was a perfect time to return to the first two games in the Mass Effect series. This was for a few reasons. Partly, it was to keep the back story and universe fresh for the impending finale. Mostly, however, it was because I really wanted to have a super-powered Commander Shepard to take through to the final battle, and with the ability to carry over your save file from one game to the next, I figured it was about time I started getting ready.

However, this time around I’ve approached the game differently. Having played the two games already, and knowing the general nature of the recently released DLC for Mass Effect 2, I wanted to coordinate my game so as to push the story in a direction that was pleasing to me. That, and there are just a ton of things I wish I’d done differently in my first playthroughs. Continue reading