At The Table: The Three Tiers Of Gamers In Tabletop RPGs

Last week we had our first game of the Dragon Age RPG by Green Ronin Games. We’d been planning the game for a few weeks, intending to run through their free Quickstart adventure to decide whether or not we wanted to start a regular game, and finally managed to get our players around the table to venture forth into the realm of Ferelden. It was only while sitting around the table that I realised we had essentially gathered representatives of what I like to think are the three core groups of gamers found in your standard RP group.

Numbers of these particular members can vary from group to group, and their exact experience with the game can fluctuate. But having a grasp on the kind of gamers you can expect in your groups will help any prospective new GM in planning and preparing their game sessions.

So, grab a coffee and get comfy, while I introduce you to The Three Tiers Of Gamers In RPGs.

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