The Dark Knight’s Legal Status Rises… (Via Law And The Multiverse)

I love The Dark Knight Rises.

I thought it was a great flick. Brilliantly cast, stunningly shot, with a twist that even I didn’t see coming.

But in a true example of “refrigerator logic,” Something about the end didn’t sit right with me.

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The Seven Elements of a Creative Personality (Lifehacker)

I’ve been reading an article on Lifehacker about the personality traits normally exhibited by creative people. These include hunger for originality, volatile personal relationships and “being a pain in the ass.”

In other news, bears have begun their protest at being typecast and have started shitting in car parks.

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Be Prepared!: How To Prepare For Exams

Lets face it, I’m not an academic by any stretch of the imagination.

I’ve never gotten consistent grades in anything. The subjects I excelled in throughout High School were things you could argue I had a natural talent for (mainly music.) And despite now having an Honours degree, my University career was inconsistent at best, marred by personal and professional catastrophes which kept my mind off the prize.

No, I’m certainly not an academic. I find studying tedious. I’m an active kind of thinker. I need to be pottering away at something, tweaking and fixing and making, not memorizing. But as much as I hated studying, I’ve learned a few things over the last few years that are pretty useful, especially now in the run up to exam season (if you’re a Scottish High School kid, there’s a chance you’re prepping for Standard Grades/Highers/Advanced Highers and such. University folk are probably in the middle of their exam/assessment diet, so this is less useful to you.)

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To Academia, but not about her…

We’ve just had the least festive christmas season I can remember.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m grateful for having had some time to kick back and hang out with the family. But with the weather having essentially brought most of the country to a standstill for a few weeks, Christmas just became another thing on the to-do list this year.

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