Where the hell has Jimmy been?

Gads, where have I not been?

Actually, that’s a no brainer. I haven’t been anywhere. I’ve been here in Glasgow tinkering away at a few things. Planning things. Scheming things. Attempting to make things. Not making things that really worked out. Drinking. Considering the lilies. Starting from scratch. You know, the sort of thing you do between big projects.

However, I now have some big projects that I’m going to announce… pretty much right now.

Big Project #1

I’ve decided its been too long since I released anything of note (the last thing being 2009’s In The New Year EP), so this year I want to make another record. I don’t have any money or a band to do so, sadly. Instead, I’m going to record a LoFi acoustic record in my house, tour behind that, make a little money then use that to fund a proper record. So there!

Big Project #2

Do you remember that awesome web show I used to have, Pure Tunes? Yeah, its coming back. I even have a production team AND a business plan. Two things I definitely didn’t have last year. I also don’t have a dissertation to write, so chances are this will last a lot longer, too!

Big Project #3

I decided that I’ve spent too long being a general slob and I’m going to get in shape. In the hopes that people will make sure I keep this promise, I’ve started a running blog over on Tumblr called “The Loneliness Of The Middle Distance Jimmy“. Yes, its a Belle & Sebastien reference.

That’s pretty much the be all and end all right now. I’m still making videos, still playing shows, and still angry at pretty much everything. The only difference is that now I have other stuff to keep me busy.

Stuff I really hope you all like!

No Surprises – Radiohead A Cappella Cover

Everyone’s covered this song recently, so I figured I’d add my own little twist to it.

The band on my shirt is Medusa’s Curse, you should probably go check them out cause I occasionally play bass for them.

If I Had A Time Machine (That Would Be Fresh)

So, apparently a ton of people on Youtube started making videos about what they would do if they had a time machine. As usual, I like jumping AND bandwagons, so I put the two together and made this video.

Something I found immediately difficult, though, was the fact that, despite the fact you have all of time and space as a playground, there’s not very much you can really do with a time machine other than travel to different times and places. For such a powerful sci-fi plot device, they’re actually quite boring. Besides, one wrong turn and you can end up creating a world-ending paradox. Best just to stay in your own time. Much safer, no?

Next week’s video is a Q&A, in which I’ll be answering questions from Formspring, Facebook and Youtube. If you have any questions for me (and they don’t all need to be about me, just questions you want me to try to answer), then leave them in any of the many places posted below.



Or in the comments below, or as a comment or video response to today’s video.

On that note, what would you guys do with a time machine?

P.S. If you’re wondering where the title of the vlog came from, it’s a reference to an MC Lars song. Check it out!