Night of Wolves – Review

It’s always nice to get free things. Free coffee. Free beer. Free anything short of disease and bacon. But free books? Free books are a rarity for me. So when I found David Dalglish’s Night of Wolves for free on Amazon’s Kindle Store, my paranoia kicked in. Somehow, I knew, this was too good to be true. Why was this book, the first in a series of four, being put out for free?

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Carnivores – Scottish Football/Horses Of The Galaxy Review

There are few bands operating in Scotland today that I give a shit about. There, I said it. It’s out there. Get over it, OK?

Fact is, we’ve had so many great bands come through this tiny island that I expect better from this generation. But since Biffy Clyro broke through a few years ago, few other bands have come close to meeting my expectations as far as a good Scottish rock band goes.

Carnivores, however, are one of those fantastic few.

(Fanboy alert: I kinda am one. Kinda.)

The band’s new double A side single Scottish Football/Horses Of The Galaxy is a delightfully meaty sample of what we can expect from the band’s forthcoming début album, which I am most excited about its arrival in early 2012. It’s a clashing affair, with Scottish Football, itself a decidedly anti-sectarian anthem of sorts, sounding like a mix of the aforementioned Biffy Clyro meets Anti-Flag, while Horses Of The Galaxy sounds, dare I say, poppy in comparison, with a mash of synths and electro beats adding a deliciously delicate texture to the band’s generally grungy sound.

Clearly, the boys from Paisley are well aware of their influences (guitarist Kenny cites Queen and Refused, I can hear plenty of QOTSA amongst others), and aren’t afraid to wear them on their sleeves. My only real complaint with the band is that everything I’ve heard from them comes from the realm of the punchy, in-your-face school of rock, and, while much of their music betrays a poppy sense of melody and structure, makes me wonder if the band could keep up this level of punch for long.

However, the band just don’t seem to be willing to slow down any time soon. An absolute belter of a year, 2011 has seen the band touring with Sucioperro and The Blackout, giving top notch performances at T In The Park and Belladrum, and building themselves a reputation as one of the fiercest live acts in the country today. With this sort of momentum behind them, I’d be really surprised if 2012 isn’t even better for these boys.

‘Scottish Football/Horses of the Galaxy’ is available from all major digital stores and physically from and at gigs.

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Cancel The Astronatus – Seven Vices

I can’t remember when I first heard I Am The President Of Your Fanclub (And Last Night I Followed You Home) but I can tell you how I discovered it. I was floating on Facebook looking for a new music kick that wasn’t being satisfied by the hardcore punk I had on repeat at the time. In all honesty, I wanted a bit of pop. And, thanks to a cunning recommendation from a good chum and fellow traveller, I got what I wanted, in the shape of Cancel The Astronauts.

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