Jay-Z and Obama: Potential BFFs?

So, Barack Obama came out (pun intended) recently saying he supported equal marriage rights for gay couples.

Not long after, prolific rap artist Jay-Z also announced his support for gay marriage, citing it as an issue that “was still holding the country back.”

Only a few days before, the rapper announced that he wanted to invite the President to perform at the Budweiser Made In America festival, which he was hosting.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, he said “I’m gonna give him a call and I’m gonna try to get him to perform – do a little rendition of Al Green – but I doubt it.”

Seriously, I think our Jay might have a bit of a bro crush going on.

I mean, its sweet and all, but does it strike anyone else as being a bit… creepy?

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Taylor Momsen: “Marilyn Manson told me to worship Satan”

Taylor Momsen has joked in an interview with Kerrang magazine that Marilyn Manson told her to “worship Satan.”

Note the use of the word “joked” here.

Momsen, who is on tour supporting Manson, said that she had to make some sacrifices in order to play the tour.

“Sacrifices!” I hear you yell. “You mean, like, human sacrifices cause she worships Satan and such?”

No, I mean she had to cancel a few of her own tour dates to get the slot.

Seriously, though. The Satan thing was the headline of the story when I read it.

It really let me down after that…

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Iranian cleric calls for killing of “apostate” rap artist

The fact that I can still regularly find these kind of stories in the god damn 21st Century is far too ridiculous to mention.

A Shi’ite cleric based in Qom, Iran, has issued a death sentence against rapper Shahin Najafi this week, on the charge of apostasy.

This is due to a song he released entitled “Naqi” which is, apparently, a reference to Imam Naqi, the tenth Imam of Shi’ite Islam.

For those who are unsure of what apostasy entails, wikipedia defines it as “the formal disaffiliation from or abandonment or renunciation of a religion by a person.”

Now, I’ve been unable to find the track in question, and, it being in Persian anyway, I can’t really make a judgement as to whether or not this song is particularly blasphemous or offensive or whatever.

But come on guys. I mean, really? In this day and age?

Please guys, no one throw any stones just yet… not even if someone says Jehovah, ok?

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Will Young’s “Evergreen” biggest selling single of 21st Century. World promptly ends.

So, we’re 12 years in to the new century, and already I’m rooting for Armageddon.

Lets look at the scores as they stand just now. Tories in government, a double dip recession, a ton of dead rockstars and still no sign of Half Life: Episode 3 (I mean, seriously, Gabe, get on to that, kthx) or a crowdfunded second season of Firefly (Joss, lets get together on this one. I’ve got somebrilliant ideas…)

But lets top it off with this little bombshell.

Will Young’s cover of “Evergreen” is currently the biggest selling single of the 21st Century.

His first single.

From 2002.

Sold 1.8 million copies.

OK, so for starters, its not even the worst song in the top 10. All the usual offenders are there: Adele, Black Eyed Peas, even Kings of Leon get a shout.

And to be fair, its not that bad a song.

But its just so tame. So timid and flat and boring and inoffensive. Much like the rest of his career.

Apologies in advance for the somewhat gender specific nature of the following comment, but does anyone remember when music in the charts at least had some cajones!?

So, if anyone spots any of the four horsemen rattling around, let me know. I’m preparing the end of the world street party as we speak…

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Barr/Nelson for the White House

So, here’s a thing that happened.

Roseanne Barr has filed all the necessary documents to stand as the presidential nominee for the Green Party in the US.

Speaking on Twitter, Barr had said she’d be announcing her running mate at a debate in San Francisco a few days later.

Her preferred candidate?

Oh, no one special. Just some obscure country singer. Guy called Willie Nelson.

Yes, Willie Nelson.

The red headed stranger.

Yeah, that Willie Nelson!

Nelson eventually declined the offer via twitter, but wished Barr all the best for her campaign.

Seriously, though. You couldn’t make this shit up.

In all honesty, speaking as a non-American who really has nothing to do with it, that’s the one ticket that would make me vote against Obama.

(I mean, can you imagine their policies!?)

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Where the hell has Jimmy been?

Gads, where have I not been?

Actually, that’s a no brainer. I haven’t been anywhere. I’ve been here in Glasgow tinkering away at a few things. Planning things. Scheming things. Attempting to make things. Not making things that really worked out. Drinking. Considering the lilies. Starting from scratch. You know, the sort of thing you do between big projects.

However, I now have some big projects that I’m going to announce… pretty much right now.

Big Project #1

I’ve decided its been too long since I released anything of note (the last thing being 2009’s In The New Year EP), so this year I want to make another record. I don’t have any money or a band to do so, sadly. Instead, I’m going to record a LoFi acoustic record in my house, tour behind that, make a little money then use that to fund a proper record. So there!

Big Project #2

Do you remember that awesome web show I used to have, Pure Tunes? Yeah, its coming back. I even have a production team AND a business plan. Two things I definitely didn’t have last year. I also don’t have a dissertation to write, so chances are this will last a lot longer, too!

Big Project #3

I decided that I’ve spent too long being a general slob and I’m going to get in shape. In the hopes that people will make sure I keep this promise, I’ve started a running blog over on Tumblr called “The Loneliness Of The Middle Distance Jimmy“. Yes, its a Belle & Sebastien reference.

That’s pretty much the be all and end all right now. I’m still making videos, still playing shows, and still angry at pretty much everything. The only difference is that now I have other stuff to keep me busy.

Stuff I really hope you all like!

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