Harvey Weinstein on Promoting a Movie: Be A Performer! (Via No Film School)

So this is most likely going to be a week of link spamming and short commentary while I write new material for my standup sets. Sorry not sorry.

This article from No Film School got me thinking a little bit about how we promote ourselves. Scottish people have a tendency for being pretty much unable to sell themselves. Which is a shame cause we have a lot to offer, culturally speaking.

I’ve seen loads of comedy and music nights that fail to draw any sort of attention just on the grounds that they can’t excite their audience. I myself gave up my job in door to door sales on the grounds that I just couldn’t excite my prospective customers into buying in – not into the product, but buying into me. But how do you excite a complete stranger into buying in to your baby?

Well, if you’re Harvey Weinstein, you treat yourself like a performer:

Speak in short one sentence answers and don’t go on with all the legalese.  Talk about the movie as a movie and the effect it will have on the audience from an emotional point of view.

If you continue to be boring, I will hire an actor in New York to pretend that he’s Errol Morris.  If you have any casting suggestions, I’d appreciate that.

Keep it short and keep selling it, because that’s what’s going to work for you, your career and the film.

Lets get a discussion going. Where do your problems lie in promoting your work or yourself? Chat amongst yourselves in the comments!