What’s Going On!?

OK, so… New site. New layout. Old name. Old neuroses… Must be time for a bit of a shake-up

I spent three weeks in a new job this month, doing door to door sales on behalf of an unnamed Home Efficiency company. I quit on Monday, given that I nearly fainted at a customer’s door. Hence my inability to string together enough cognitive function to write or blog this month.

But it did allow me some time to decide that I’m avoiding all sorts of regular human work this summer in favour of more artistic pursuits, as listed below. Continue reading

Quarter Life Identity Crisis: On Changing Names Mid Career

When I was a teenager, I honestly believed that there were people out there who would search me out and kill me should I give them my full name or any hint as to where I lived while on the internet. And so, with my interest in blogging and putting myself out there on the internet expanded, I developed a new identity, and a new name: Jimmy Richards.

But, as the years went by, and none of the promised paedophiles turned up at my door (which was a real slant for my self esteem, I tell you) the name lay unused for years, until, as a cocky 18 year old singer songwriter, I brought the moniker back as a way of separating my private life from my professional one.

This worked alright for years. I paraded around as the acoustic guitar wielding rockstar Richards, joking that I was Rolling Stone Keith’s illegitimate love child for a spell, while I was actually the mild mannered nerd who got too drunk and couldn’t really talk to women very well without lapsing into my only area of expertise: socialism.

Of course, it got a little out of hand when friends of mine looked at me in shock after discovering, years later, that my name wasn’t Richards. And now, at the age of 23, I feel my interest in the name is starting to wane. I’m already doing standup with my real name, why not everything else.

So I’m starting fresh.

Hi. I’m Jimmy McKee. Nice to meet you.

I’m in the process of changing a bunch of stuff about my career, starting with my name. Over the next few months, I’ll be changing my domains and Facebook and such to match this. The last thing to go will be my email address and website domain, which I still have for another six months. Just thought you should all know.

Great Scottish Run 20120 10k Road Race – Help Me Support TSWGO

This year, I am running on behalf of This Star Won’t Go Out, a charity which helps families of those suffering from cancer with financial support.

Please take some time to donate a little money to the cause. Every penny will go to making a difference in the lives of cancer sufferers.

Much love and DFTBA, Jimmy

EDIT: There was a donate button I’d set up to donate directly from here, but WordPress said no. Click the link above to donate directly to the charity. Means that the charity still gets the money and I don’t have to worry too much about paypal transfers 🙂

Where the hell has Jimmy been?

Gads, where have I not been?

Actually, that’s a no brainer. I haven’t been anywhere. I’ve been here in Glasgow tinkering away at a few things. Planning things. Scheming things. Attempting to make things. Not making things that really worked out. Drinking. Considering the lilies. Starting from scratch. You know, the sort of thing you do between big projects.

However, I now have some big projects that I’m going to announce… pretty much right now.

Big Project #1

I’ve decided its been too long since I released anything of note (the last thing being 2009’s In The New Year EP), so this year I want to make another record. I don’t have any money or a band to do so, sadly. Instead, I’m going to record a LoFi acoustic record in my house, tour behind that, make a little money then use that to fund a proper record. So there!

Big Project #2

Do you remember that awesome web show I used to have, Pure Tunes? Yeah, its coming back. I even have a production team AND a business plan. Two things I definitely didn’t have last year. I also don’t have a dissertation to write, so chances are this will last a lot longer, too!

Big Project #3

I decided that I’ve spent too long being a general slob and I’m going to get in shape. In the hopes that people will make sure I keep this promise, I’ve started a running blog over on Tumblr called “The Loneliness Of The Middle Distance Jimmy“. Yes, its a Belle & Sebastien reference.

That’s pretty much the be all and end all right now. I’m still making videos, still playing shows, and still angry at pretty much everything. The only difference is that now I have other stuff to keep me busy.

Stuff I really hope you all like!

Sarah-Beth Brown: Open Mic UK 2011 Regional Finalist

I’ve gotten to the point in my career where I’ve seen every single big musical talent show churn out ridiculously mediocre drivel into an already over-saturated market. I’ve heard enough horror stories to know that these competitions are often no more than money making conveyor belts that try to streamline the process of rock stardom for the information age.

However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to see top quality artists win them.

Enter Sarah-Beth Brown, otherwise known as Born By Wires, and her campaign to win this year’s Open Mic UK competition.

Continue reading

Threeawesometumblrs: A thing I do!

So one of my top three favourite living songwriters has spent the past few weeks not forty miles from where I live. Exciting, yeah? Quite. Amanda Palmer’s been hanging out in Edinburgh, tweeting, loving Neil Gaiman and performing as one of two conjoined twins who happen to play the accordion at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, and I’ve been so broke I couldn’t go to any of the dates.

That’s not so bad when you consider I had tickets to see her perform with her new backing band, the Grand Theft Orchestra, at The Arches in Glasgow on Friday night.


Thus begins my most recent post on threeawesometumblrs, a new collab blog I’m doing with some lovely nerdy friends of mine. You should go read it some time!

A little about a lot that’s going on

So yeah, as you can gather I’ve been taking a mild blogging break at the moment. I have about 4 weeks to finish my dissertation, amongst other coursework, and I’m in the middle of making the new album too, so needless to say I haven’t had much blogging time.

Posts for the next few weeks may be sporadic at best, but I’m doing my best to keep on top of things. If anything awesome happens, I’ll let you know!

If you fancy helping a brother out, voting has started for the bigwowwee short story competition. My entry, “Short Message Service”, is in the running to win! Check out the story here, and go vote here if you like it!