What’s Going On!?

OK, so… New site. New layout. Old name. Old neuroses… Must be time for a bit of a shake-up

I spent three weeks in a new job this month, doing door to door sales on behalf of an unnamed Home Efficiency company. I quit on Monday, given that I nearly fainted at a customer’s door. Hence my inability to string together enough cognitive function to write or blog this month.

But it did allow me some time to decide that I’m avoiding all sorts of regular human work this summer in favour of more artistic pursuits, as listed below. Continue reading

Why are there no right wing comedians?

Not really a post as such, but read this little article in the New Statesman and wanted to share a quote by one of my favourite comedians, Mr Stewart Lee:

The African-American stand-up Chris Rock maintained that stand-up comedy should always be punching upwards. It’s a heroic little struggle. You can’t be a right-wing clown without some character caveat, some vulnerability, some obvious flaw. You’re on the right. You’ve already won. You have no tragedy. You’re punching down. You can be a right-wing comedy columnist, away from the public eye, a disembodied, authoritarian presence that doesn’t need to show doubt. Who could be on a stage, crowing about their victory and ridiculing those less fortunate than them without any sense of irony, shame or self-knowledge? That’s not a stand-up comedian. That’s just a cunt.