#BreakupSeason Flash Fic Week!

It’s a fact: most of my breakups happen in the Summer.

And I imagine it must be a common theme for other people, too: high school couples break up when they move to respective universities; Uni couples split up cause everyone’s burdened by fear of the future; holiday romances going awry. There’s numerous different possible reasons.

But whatever it is, the Summer seems to be a time where a lot of relationships just… die.

And so, to celebrate this inalienable fact, I am instigating the first ever Breakup Season flash fic drive!

Here are the rules:

  • Each day will have a writing prompt for you to start from
  • The prompts will feature a setting and two objects/concepts that are integral to the breakup itself.
  • Maximum 300 Words
  • Tag each piece with the hashtag #BreakupSeason and put it in the title.

Get it? Good!

Now, here are your prompts!


Setting: Shopping Mall Coffee House

Factors: Texting/Beauty Pageants


Setting: Inner City Park Bench

Factors: Infidelity/Cooking


Setting: Olde Tyme Ice Cream Parlour (After Hours)

Factors: Stealing/Porn Addiction


Setting: Atop a Broken Down Ferris Wheel

Factors: Emotional Smothering/Clowns


Setting: The End Of The World

Factors: Wearing Socks To Bed/Political Allegiance

So what are you waiting for? Get started on some tales of woe and rejection so that I can feel better about always getting dumped in the sunshine!


5 thoughts on “#BreakupSeason Flash Fic Week!

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