What’s Going On!?

OK, so… New site. New layout. Old name. Old neuroses… Must be time for a bit of a shake-up

I spent three weeks in a new job this month, doing door to door sales on behalf of an unnamed Home Efficiency company. I quit on Monday, given that I nearly fainted at a customer’s door. Hence my inability to string together enough cognitive function to write or blog this month.

But it did allow me some time to decide that I’m avoiding all sorts of regular human work this summer in favour of more artistic pursuits, as listed below.

The Fringe

Lets face it, I’ve been talking about doing a Fringe show for years. Having only dabbled in such things (did a stint with Emma Forman on an hour’s notice a few years back), I feel like this year could be my year. I already have the possibility of a show thanks to some good people I know (who do have names, but I don’t want to say anything till its confirmed) but there’s the distinct possibility of more.

But, of course, doing the Fringe at my level is an expensive business. To that end, I’m going to be doing a lot of things in exchange for money (mostly legal but don’t judge me). Chief amongst them at this juncture is…

Publishing Short Stories

I have a few pieces collecting digital dust on my hard drive that need to get let out, so I’m going to scrub up a few pieces and release them via the Amazon Kindle store. Amongst them will be a mildly revised version of my piece “Short Message Service”, which I hear some people liked. I’m also working on a few other pieces, but can’t confirm them until I finish them (obviously).

Other Things

I have numerous standup shows booked over the next few months, including my return to Pop Up Comedy in July and a few other shows waiting to be confirmed. I’ve also started appearing as part of AyePlayer’s Scottish Topical Panel Show, which is filmed every Sunday at The Halt on Woodlands Road in Glasgow, so make sure to come down to that. I’ll also be doing a performance in Ayr at The Basement Coffee House (soon to be crowned the UK’s best small music venue, apparently) on the 12th of June, in the hopes that we can drum up support for a regular comedy night in Ayrshire. All the while, I’ll be trying out new material for my Fringe show, making videos, doing a lot of writing and hopefully launching a Flash Fiction competition right here on my blog.

So I hope you haven’t missed me too much. I’m off now to start panicking over how insane the next three months are going to be.

Best Wishes,


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