Tuesday – Calu #DiabolicalDeeds

My comrade in fiction, Timony Souler, has launched another one of her literary challenges, entitled Diabolical Deeds. This is my piece, inspired by the second prompt.

Men in Wolves’ Clothing

Calu asked, for Aita,

“what were you like?”

His wolf skin cap lowered.


“Hungry,” I answered,

“some would say good natured,

but burdened with a terrible numbness,

some cacaesthesic reaction to old ghosts.”


“A pity,” Calu spits,

“life is wasted on the living.”


Charun stands by, hammer in hand.

I am blindfolded,

Offered a cigarette,

Like a man facing the firing squad.


I smirk.

“I suppose that’s the punchline.”


The coup de grace lands.

I am sent forth into that caliginous sea,

And told to keep swimming.


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