Monday – Ammut #DiabolicalDeeds

My comrade in fiction, Timony Souler, has launched another one of her literary challenges, entitled Diabolical Deeds. This is my piece, inspired by the first prompt.

Red in My Ledger

I lay lifeless on a beaten old loveseat,

exuding an achroous mist from my lungs,

cigarette in hand,

replaying it like a worn out video tape

on the portable television

that is my memory.


The picture’s fuzzy,

but I could’ve wrote the damn thing.

I recite it line for line, present yet unmoving,

unable to suggest a new direction.


An adactylous observer. A perpetual voyeur.


I could have done the right thing.



Ammut, when you take it,

savour my heart.

Its known trouble. Its still tender.

Serve in a red wine sauce.


That’s how she would have liked it.


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