Barr/Nelson for the White House

So, here’s a thing that happened.

Roseanne Barr has filed all the necessary documents to stand as the presidential nominee for the Green Party in the US.

Speaking on Twitter, Barr had said she’d be announcing her running mate at a debate in San Francisco a few days later.

Her preferred candidate?

Oh, no one special. Just some obscure country singer. Guy called Willie Nelson.

Yes, Willie Nelson.

The red headed stranger.

Yeah, that Willie Nelson!

Nelson eventually declined the offer via twitter, but wished Barr all the best for her campaign.

Seriously, though. You couldn’t make this shit up.

In all honesty, speaking as a non-American who really has nothing to do with it, that’s the one ticket that would make me vote against Obama.

(I mean, can you imagine their policies!?)

Cross posted from the Pure Tunes blog.


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