Mac Classic (For Steve Jobs)

This is my tribute to Steve Jobs, an entrepreneur and innovator with a real lust for life, who changed how people like me do business and how the world perceives technology, but who is sadly no longer with us. Gone but not forgotten.

Mac Classic (For Steve Jobs)

Picture the scene:

The mid 90s, a young boy

Growing up with no outlet,

Cause his mother won’t

Let him out the house yet

His parents bring home a shiny new toy:

A grey box with a tiny screen and a rickety keyboard

A fresh out of the box Apple Mac Classic

The deal is made:

Half an hour each for him and his siblings

To stop their infighting from tripling

And only after dinner, chores and homework,

Per week

Any of its many packages

For entertainment or school work

And the total removal of privileges

If you don’t shut it down correctly

He uses this new found technology

This mana from heaven

Made from plastic and silicone

To draw and write

To produce tiny tall tales of heroics

To make comics of stick figure characters

And clip art scenery

They’re terrible, but he loves them

Over a decade goes by,

Technology matures with age

But our boy still remembers

Sitting behind that slow, rickety contraption

That first fired his young brain’s synapses

Planted the tree which finally bore fruit

And said to him “Hey, kid,

You wanna be a writer?

You wanna shape world with your words?

You wanna make beautiful collages of language?

Well, shit son, why the hell shouldn’t you?”

So thank you, Steve,

Thank you for teaching an eight year old boy

That he could be an artist

Thank you for the tools he’ll use

To share his gifts

And thank you for giving them to everyone

But mostly,

Thank you for the Mac Classic


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