French Toast – A Poem

My first attempt at a performance poetry piece. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Like the newsreader from Starship Troopers would say, “would you like to know more?”

So I wrote this a few weeks ago, and its probably one of the most personal things I’ve written in a long time. A lot of my stuff is vaguely personal, even if its just references to my own life or the fact its written very much from my world view, but this one took the cake. I always make sure to have that level of deniability with my art, the ability to say “its just fiction” whenever someone presses me on the subject. That approach just didn’t seem right with this one.

I actually took this video down for a little while because I wasn’t happy with it on a very technical level. The chroma key technique was a bit dodgy, mostly because of some lighting issues I had to deal with, and I felt the audio was a bit rubbish, so I set it to private while I figured out what to do with it. In the end, I decided to return it to its original place, so that I can at least use it as a point of reference to know that my skills are improving.

I hope you all like the piece, or even if you don’t like it that you can relate. I’d love if you could tell me what you think, cause I’d really love to do more stuff like this but I won’t know how to get better unless someone tells me.

Love and Peace,

Jimmy x


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