Cancel The Astronatus – Seven Vices

I can’t remember when I first heard I Am The President Of Your Fanclub (And Last Night I Followed You Home) but I can tell you how I discovered it. I was floating on Facebook looking for a new music kick that wasn’t being satisfied by the hardcore punk I had on repeat at the time. In all honesty, I wanted a bit of pop. And, thanks to a cunning recommendation from a good chum and fellow traveller, I got what I wanted, in the shape of Cancel The Astronauts.

The band’s instantly recognisable angular guitar hooks and danceable rhythms would have made the band fit in equally well at a gig or in the club. Combine that with singer Matt Riley’s half sung drawl and morose demeanour, and they instantly became one of my favourite local acts.

So when Seven Sins landed in my inbox of a chilly August morning, I had one of those truly incredulous hipster moments of glee. It was exciting.

The important elements are all there: Riley’s wistful melancholy, the angular guitars against the metronomic, almost machine-like beats (which is in no way a detraction, its what bridges the gap between pure indie rock bliss and utter gleeful danceability and it works bloody well), the bright and prominent synths. All the factors that made the band stand out in the first place are all there, but are more polished, less of a raw product than the President Of Your Fanclub EP. In short, they sound less like an up and coming indie band and more like well seasoned indie veterans with lofty and beautiful aims right within their grasp.

According to an interview with the band on another blog, they’ve mentioned that this single is part of a forthcoming album that the band haven’t finished yet.

I’m excited.

Seven Vices, the new single from Edinburgh’s Cancel The Astronauts, is out now and available through Bandcamp. For more information, check out the band’s website.


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