A Confession.

Yesterday, I did something that 16 year old me would probably have kicked my ass for.

I bought a fitness game. And I used it.

First, some back story.

I’m not exactly the fittest of folk. I’m relatively active. I walk everywhere. I’m a vegetarian so I have a fairly low fat diet, overall. But my lifestyle is fairly sedentary. I spend a lot of my time sitting at a laptop writing or recording. I have no real interest in any sort of sport, and spend a lot of my free and working hours in the pub.

Then of course, there was the holiday season. As you do, I ended up putting on a bit of weight because I was eating a lot more and drinking a fair bit. Come January, I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered when I had developed a beer belly.

Then I read Jen McCreight talk about getting fit while raising money for the Secular Students Alliance on Blag Hag. She mentioned how she’d be using DDR as one of her main exercise activities. Using games to make you get fit? Sign me up for that gym class!

DDR, however, was out of the question. As my Dad will tell you, I’m rubbish at it. There was an occasion where I signed up for a gaming competition as a teenager, and had to suffer through three humiliating minutes with the infernal thing, only to be told I was out in the first round. Ever since, DDR and I haven’t been on speaking (or dancing) terms.

Then I remembered Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, which had just come out for Kinect. This ticked a lot of boxes. It tracked my overall progression online, which satisfied the stats nerd in me. It created a personalised workout regime for me to follow, which meant I didn’t have to figure that out myself. Plus, it’s a ubisoft game, which satiates my thirst for Uplay points. Seriously, this was a major deciding factor in picking the game as opposed to EA’s Sports Active 2. The other factor was that it was also £10 cheaper.

So I’ve decided on my regime for the next few weeks. I’m going to spend an hour on Your Shape every Monday and Friday morning before I get down to writing, and I’m going to track my progress here so that you can all judge me. I’ve been told that telling people about my fitness plans will help me keep to them. What better way to tell people than through the blog, right?

Got any stories about fitness and games? Any words of support for me? Tell me in the comments!

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